Immersion Corporation
Jan 9, 2003

Immersion Brings Touch Feedback to Cell Phones and PDAs

Immersion to Showcase Prototypes at CES International

2003 International CES

LAS VEGAS Jan. 9, 2003--Immersion Corp. (Nasdaq:IMMR), a leading developer and licensor of haptic feedback technology, is bringing its force feedback technology to cell phones and other handheld devices. After years of research, Immersion's haptic engineers have developed technology currently included in a new cell phone prototype, illustrating the value that touch adds to these devices.

"Immersion's haptic technology allows users to physically feel their interactions with games, messages, ring tones, menus, and other user interface elements," said Jeffrey Eid, VP of Consumer Markets at Immersion. "As the standard in PC and console gaming and now emerging in the cell phone and PDA markets, our touch feedback technology delivers an intuitive and engaging human interface to create the highest level of realism, interaction, and fun for the user."

The current cell phone prototype replaces the typical "on/off" pager motor in a standard cell phone with Immersion's hardware and control software to deliver high-fidelity touch sensations. A key difference with the Immersion implementation is the ability for developers to independently control both vibration strength and frequency, creating a wide range of sensations. Using haptic emoticons, such as a high-five, a smile or a growl complements talking and text messages. Games come alive as users feel the difference between the crisp, sharp strike of a well-hit golf ball in contrast to the twang felt when a drive is shanked. Users can personalize their handhelds by choosing specific vibe-tones associated with incoming callers, messages or other alerts. Haptic cues can also be used to confirm the user's selection of various menu items on the handheld, which makes navigation easier.

Market leaders in the gaming and PC industries, including Logitech, Microsoft, Saitek and Belkin were among the first to license Immersion's haptic technology. Currently there are more than 100 haptically-enabled peripherals and more than 500 game titles on the market. Immersion haptic technology is also core to the rotary iDrive controller currently shipping in the BMW 7-Series automobiles. Immersion haptics is also integrated into business applications, allowing one to feel icons and menus on a computer screen, hyperlinks on the Internet and text or cells in Microsoft Word and Excel. With its large base of technology in rotary controls, touchpads and other force feedback methods, Immersion can and expects to provide other force feedback control implementations to improve the handheld user interface.

If you are interested in meeting with Immersion to take a look at new implementations of haptic technology, please contact Jeffrey Eid, VP of Consumer Markets at Immersion, at 408/467-1900 or email at

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